Metal Roof Cutting Tools

The Dyna-Cut Portable Shear is a useful, affordable tool for cutting metal roofing and siding panels quickly and easily.

QuickCut Manual Shear

A versatile manual shear that does it all: flashing, shingles, and vinyl siding! With the straight (no profile) blade, you can achieve a neat factory cut on your flashing or shingles every time. The table includes measure marks to make getting the right size easy. For cutting vinyl siding, order the profile of your choice. This shear is light enough to be easily portable. You can’t go
wrong with this compact metal roof cutting tool!

HRB36 Manual Shear

The Dyna-Cut HRB-36 Portable Shear is an affordable tool for cutting metal roofing and siding panels quickly and easily. Since only one man is needed to operate it, this machine will save you time and money by allowing you to keep your most experienced employees on the roof. This shear will do your straight cuts and angles up to 2/12 pitch. Give us the manufacturer of your metal, and we will provide the blade profile to fit your metal.

Metal Muncher Power Shear

The Metal Muncher Power shear is the metal roof cutting tool designed with YOU in mind. Its camshaft design makes it operate smoothly and quietly. Available as both a stand-alone or roll-away model with optional in-feed and out-feed tables and heavy-duty equipment casters, the Power Shear is easy to roll into place when needed and easy to stow away when not in use. It is available for either air or electric power. The D2 tool steel blades are precision-ground and will last for a long time. We specialize in custom building each blade set to precisely match the profile of the panel it is designated to cut.

Blade Sharpening Service

Are dull blades slowing down your workflow? Bring them back to life by getting them sharpened! We sharpen all blades up to 42″ long, not just Dyna-Cut shear blades. Our specialized blade sharpening machinery sharpens blades to a perfect high tolerance edge. The blades will be surface ground and brought back to OEM specifications. Most Shear blades can be sharpened many times since the tool steel is through hardened. It is vital the blades be cooled during the sharpening process to guard against the loss of hardness. Contact us today to bring life back into your shear blades.