HRB Straight Cut Shear


Size: 67” x 12”
Weight: 125 lb.
Adapts to Multiple Profiles and Angles
Rubber-tipped Clamp
Cut Quality Guaranteed

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Need your metal cut fast? This shear will cut your entire sheet with one swift slice! This shear will swiftly cut your metal to length. It will cut angles up to 2/12 pitch.

Want to make angle cuts across your metal? Purchase an additional angle blade set. This way you can simply change the blade while continuing to use the same shear. (Or, you could order the HRB36 Angle Shear with the angle blades already installed.)

When ordering, simply choose the profile that matches the metal profile that you generally use to ensure a quality cut every time!

Better Crew Planning With the HRB36 Manual Shear

Since only one man is needed to operate the HRB36 Manual Shear, this machine will save you time and money by allowing you to keep your most experienced employees on the roof. Your new, learning employees can do the needed metal cutting on the ground and work their way into the operations of your roofing company.

Along with an attractive competitive advantage in labor costs, this will enable you to more accurately estimate the man-hours required for specific jobs. It will also give you greater flexibility in crew size and scheduling – a welcome benefit in today’s hectic world.

Discover how easy metal cutting could be!

Order your HRB36 Manual Shear from Dyna-Cut today!